Sunday services

Our services start at 10.30am on Sunday mornings. Two Sundays per month we would usually have our own Minister to preach, and on the other Sundays a variation of other Methodist/URC ministers, local preachers, ministers from other denominations, and occasionally a local arrangement that is provided by our own members. Holy Communion is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of each month.

Our next service is on 2 February at 10.30am, led by our minister Rev Hilary Nabarro. Preceding this there will be a prayer breakfast at 9.15.

Special services vary throughout the year:

  • Good Friday we endeavour to have a joint service between ourselves and another church from our community.
  • Education Sunday on the second Sunday of September, where we invite someone with a background in education to speak about their experiences.
  • In November we have our Remembrance Day service, including a two-minute silence.
  • On the Sunday of the Christmas Tree Festival, our service takes place in the Wesley Hall to allow the Christmas Tree Festival to use the church. At the end of the service we sing in the church amongst the trees.
  • A family Carol service held the week before Christmas. This is generally a Local Arrangement where the emphasis is on Carols and the celebration of the birth of Christ. 

Our main hymn books are Singing the Faith, Songs of Fellowship, and Hymns and Psalms. We have books for those who like to sing from the printed word, and projection facilities that not only display the words but also tell you where we are in the service.