Services (10.30am)

12 May Mr Stephen Robinson

19 May Rev John Lines

26 May Rev Chris Hayward

Communion services are in bold.

BBC (Barnabas Breakfast Crew)

11 May Colin Spicer

8 June Eric Musson

13 July RM Heritage Trail

10 August Jeff Pitman

14 September Malcolm Sim

12 October John Redfern

9 November John Lines

14 December My Carol and why

Check the weekly notice sheet for further details and any changes.

M&Ms (Marthas and Marys)

17 May Linda McCann: Treasures in your sewing box

21 June Malcolm Sim

19 July Awayday with Pam and Rosemary

16 August Fish and Chips at the bandstand

20 September Wendy Watson: Reflexology

18 October Music with Tim Greewood

15 November Heidi Dacosta: the Library

December Christmas lunch, date and time to be confirmed

Check the weekly notice sheet for further details and any changes.


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