Services (10.30am)

2 February Rev Hilary Nabarro*

9 February Rev John Lines

16 February Rev Miriam Moul

23 February Mrs Linda Beverton


Communion services are in bold.

Prayer breakfast at 9.30

BBC (Barnabas Breakfast Crew)

8 February: John Chidwick

14 March: Chris Hayward

11 April: Patrick

9 May: Reg Scarborough

13 June: Colin Spicer

11 July: Eric Musson

8 August: Jeff Pitman

12 September: Malcolm Sim

10 October: John Redfern

14 November: Malcolm Gibbons

12 December: What will you give him

Check the weekly notice sheet for further details and any changes.

M&Ms (Marthas and Marys)

28 November Christmas lunch (Thursday)

21 February: Dr Sally Russell

2 March: Daffodil day

22 March: Dr Stuart Field from Porchlight

17 April: Gehad Homsey, Mercy Ships

15 May: Kevin Cook, Town Sergeant

18 June: Tina from Oasis Domestic Abuse service

17 July Summer evening with Pam and Rosemary (5pm!)

21 August: Fish and Chips at Trinity (6pm!)

18 September: Peter Penfold

16 October: Sandown Castle Community Centre

20 November: Quiz and Games night

December: Christmas lunch

Check the weekly notice sheet for further details and any changes.


Please check out our special events page as well!